Well, we did it. That was spectacular. We tallied 558 attendees at the fair yesterday! It was great to see you all there. So much positive, joyful hearted energy! We had so much help from wonderful volunteers with set up and greeting and troubleshoothing and break down and everything in between!

We particularly appreciate Ruby Bright, our Wonder Woman Registrar (way to use those superpowers!) and Bobby Wise, our Kids’ Area coordinator (without whom we may have forgotten to have a kids’ area altogether!).

Bobby runs Project Unity, an anti-bullying program, and he brought mad kid skillz and imagination to the fair. I saw lots of happy kids running around with their wands and prayer flags and big smiles on their faces!

Ruby is a profoundly insightful tarot reader and spirit medium at you missed out on working with her at the fair, contact her through her website to make an appointment. She is also tall and strong and graceful and very handy for tacking up booth numbers high on the wall.

Our community raised over $850 for The Trauma Healing Project with the (awesome) raffle plus your generous donations for ear acupuncture and massage. (Special shout out to Carolyn Fonyo, who donated her proceeds from doing massage at the fair to THP. What generosity. Thank you.) All the Trauma Healing Project booth staff were wonderful. Much appreciation to Elaine Walters, THP’s executive director, who is about the best organized and best communicator person I have ever worked with. We should do this again next year!

All the vendors and readers were wonderful – high quality offerings, creative and beautiful booths, smiling and welcoming energy, great at asking for what they needed and receiving it gracefully. Everywhere I looked, I saw busy booths and happy customers. It was a joy to meet and interact with every one of you! If you were at the fair and want to connect with someone you saw there, our Who’s Who page of vendors and readers will be up until January 2018 (at least), so you can connect with them.

I don’t really have words for what it meant to me to work on this fair with Kevin Elbert, of Hypnosis by Kevin Elbert. If it weren’t for him, the fair would not have come into being. I had the idea, but I knew it was too much for me to take on, and I tend to fly solo on projects. Kevin gave me the opportunity to learn more about being a good leader, delegating, and working in a team. He made me a better person over these past six months. I had mentioned this idea in passing, about putting on a psychic and wellness fair, and Kevin said he wanted to do the fair with me. Even though we didn’t know each other that well and I don’t trust people I don’t know well, something (my guides?) told me to trust him. He also named the fair, and I think it is the perfect name, and I feel we all came together to manifest the vision and energy held in that name. Kevin has been the best co-producer I could have hoped for, taking on onerous tasks without complaining, asking for and giving help and support in equal measure, always following through, and always reminding me of our goal: to make a loving community event where everyone gets what they need. I feel we succeeded, wildly, joyfully, wholeheartedly.

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  1. I’ve worked/vended at several fairs of this sort and I have to say the energy of this one was so peaceful and true to it’s name “Joyful Heart”. People were so happy to be there and everyone worked so well together -no drama on any level. I didn’t feel like I had to manage the “energy” at all -just bask in the warmth of so many good-hearted people being of service and helping each other. I got so many great hugs too (the Free Hugs sign helped!). Thanks everyone and fellow volunteers -it was an awesome day and I look forward to the next one!

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