Vendors on board

The registrations are starting to roll in. We are excited to welcome the vendors and readers to the fair! Booth registration is open now, and if you act before March 31st you can grab the Early Bird Special price, a darn good deal, we think! See the Vendor Information registration packet for details.

We have Sara McRae of Zenbrio House in the house (so to speak)! Touch for Health, Holistic Balancing, and more. (Ker says: This woman has changed my life and my relationship with my body. Seriously.)

We have Ruby Bright Tarot offering tarot consultations for positive change. A lovely, wise person with an awesome Instagram feed and mad skillz as our registrar.

Also on board, Crystal Stardust Magical Gemstones and Jewelry! Nice folks, and lovely goodies to adorn you and support you on your path.

2 thoughts on “Vendors on board

  1. Amazing. My husband and i would love to be vendors. I am a direct descendant of the northern hokkaido ainu shaman. My husband from lineage oof shamans as well.
    I channel spirits and a hands on healer. I also have a smudge shop that I would love to sell my products.
    My husband and I are yoga masters and Qigong Healers. We have alot to offer our community.

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