Speakers & Presenters

Note: This is the 2017 Speakers/Workshops schedule. The 2018 schedule will be coming in the late spring. Stay tuned!

Schedule for Speakers and Workshops at the 2017 Joyful Heart Fair
Presentation area is in the south end of the building, near the kids’ area.

11:30 Tracy Engstrom
The Melt Method Hands and Feet Demonstration
The Melt Method is a self-treatment technique that reduces pain and allows for greater body range of motion by hydrating connective tissue. Connective tissue is our body’s stability system and the majority of our nerve endings are embedded in it. Applying mechanical pressure to the tissue allows for cell regeneration as well as overall hydration. The hands and feet treatments have a global effect on the entire body by stimulating the fluid in the myofascial matrix system. Your body will feel more comfortable and relaxed after one session!

12:30 Heather Mist Smith
3 Ways to Use the Akashic Records to Get Out of Your Way
I work with visionaries to bring them more fully into the wisdom of the present moment. I use the Akashic Records as the doorway in to this wisdom In this unique presentation, I will take you in to the Akashic Records, show you the distinction between ego information and heart information, and offer you clarity on what comes next in your journey.

1:30 Midge Murphy
Marketing an alternative healing practice; the legalities of having a website.  What you need to know to empower and protect your practice!
Alternative healing practitioners face significant legal and regulatory challenges in marketing their services to the public via a website. The vast majority of alternative healing practitioners unknowingly use titles and describe services on their websites in violation of licensing statutes and Federal Trade Commission regulations.  Educating alternative healing practitioners about the legalities of marketing their practice and providing risk management strategies not only reduces their potential legal liability but empowers and protects their practices.

The purpose of this presentation is for attendees to gain an understanding about the legalities of marketing their services to the public via a website. Topics covered include Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding advertising services, use of titles, description of services, scope of practice, Skype sessions, website disclaimers, and use of testimonials.

2:30 Debrae Firehawk – Talking with the Other Side
Stuff I’ve Learned from the Dead
Debrae has been channeling and working with the psychic plane for over 25 years, and has had many experiences with folks who are on the other side. She finds that people want to ask about “how it works” and “what dead people say.” She will share stories and wisdoms from her experiences with those who have passed and their families, and end with a brief Q & A.

3:30 Meghan Quinn – Everyone Benefits From Bowenwork!
Learn about this unique, gentle, effective bodywork therapy and how it can assist healing  both the body as a whole or target a specific issue in a deeply relaxing, holistic way. Hear why Meghan, an LMT for 13+ years who has studied a wide range of modalities, has re-oriented her healing practice to focus on Bowenwork. Meghan will demo on audience members.

4:30 Joanna Bartlett
The Power of Your Intuition
What is Intuition? How does your intuition talk to you? And what can you do with it? Some people feel intuition as deep nudges in their body or tugs for their attention. Other people receive intuitive messages through symbols, or as a sudden thought or inspiration.

Explore the different ways your intuition talks to you and how you can open up to hear – and understand – what it has to say. You’ll learn the different ways your intuition communicates with you and how you can begin to use it to make decisions, access inner wisdom, and walk the path of your highest good.

5:30 Bobby Wise (20 minutes)
Project: UNITY – Preventing Bullying for the Sake of Our Future!