Presenters at the Fair

We are getting the speakers and presentations organized for this year’s fair! So many wonderful ideas and people to choose from…it’s been hard to pick, but we will bring you a lovely assortment of free workshops and talks throughout the day, to uplift and inform you and offer you support on your path! Please check the Speakers & Presenters page for the full schedule.

Our first confirmed presenter is  Tracy Engstrom, Melt and Yoga instructor at Oakway Movement, demonstrating the MELT method with balls for hands and feet (and really, whole body health). She will present from 11:30am – 12:15pm. The cool thing is, an entire MELT set (balls, roller, and DVD) has been donated to the raffle by Full Circle Fitness, so you could go home all ready to roll! Tracy has also donated a private MELT/yoga session to the raffle. See how it’s all coming together?

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