New Blooms Every Day

We are excited every time we check the PO Box or the email and find more interest and enthusiasm and commitment from lovely folks in the community (which stretches to Portland and Corvallis at the moment!). This was just a heartfelt dream a few months ago, and with people and businesses wanting to sign on as sponsors, raffle donors, vendors/readers, volunteers, and attendees (no, you don’t have to sign up for that!), it is becoming more and more real. This is manifestation, folks!This is the result of having a clear vision and staking something on making it happen (in my case, my credit card balance!).

What really delights me is that the whole vision is coming into being. Not just the idea I had to create this fair, but that everyone I talk to responds with enthusiasm and support. We are co-creating this as a community, and that is the JOYFUL HEART of this endeavor.

I feel particularly blessed to be working with my wonderful core team, Kevin Elbert of Hypnosis By Kevin Elbert, and Joanna Ruby Bright Brook of Ruby Bright Tarot. They are shining stars, steadfast and brilliant at holding the energy and the view, and always follow through and do the work. I couldn’t ask for a better experience to destroy my lifelong belief that I have to do everything myself and that there is no good help to be found. Thanks, team Joyful Heart!


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