FAQs for Vendors & Readers

How many readers and vendors will be at the event?
We are aiming for a mix of different kinds of bodyworkers, tarot readers, channeling, sound healers, astrologers, hypnotherapists, and other healing arts practitioners. We will have a few vendors of goods (crystals, salt lamps, books, soap etc). There will be approximately 50 booths. We are trying to distribute the mix of vendors so that there aren’t too many of any one kind, but of course a lot depends on who purchases booth space. We are going to start with invite only, to try to keep our preferred percentages, and then open it up to general application.

What is the venue?
The venue is the “auditorium” building at the Lane county fair grounds. It is the long, quonset-hut shaped building just north of the main events center and just east of the Wheeler Pavilion. See this page for a map. There will be space for speakers/workshops, and a break room area with snacks for the vendors. It is centrally located in Eugene with tons of free parking. The interior is mainly wood, with a tall curved ceiling.

What is your promotional campaign?

We will use local ads, social networking, etc. We assume that the vendors will publicize on their websites and with their email lists. We have our own email lists, Instagrams, FB pages and have a page for the event, and this website for the event.

We will be using Meetup, press releases, fliers around town (we are bulletin board aficionados!), listing on the Lane Events website, ads in the Weekly and the Register Guard and calendar listings in both of those publications. Please feel free to download and print these fliers (pdf) to distribute yourselves!

Spirit Path Now is an email list for spiritual events that reaches thousands of people in the area, and I have a sponsorship with them, so we will get highlighted billing there.

Word of mouth, of course. Any suggestions are welcome. We will be asking other events  if they would spread the word to their lists in exchange for having info on our information table at our fair. I feel confident we can get a good turn out.

How do I get a booth at the Joyful Heart Psychic and Wellness Fair?

The registration packet is available here.

How to Have a Good Booth Experience at The Joyful Heart Psychic and Wellness Fair – download and read this pdf: How to have a great booth experience at The Joyful Heart Psychic