Share the Fair!

We are FULL! We will be accepting applications for a wait list, and for folks who might want to share booth space, but the fair is now officially sold out, as far as booths go. YAY! It’s amazing to watch this whole thing unfold. Our community rocks, overflowing with wonderful healers and vendors and volunteers. The most common phrase I am hearing these days is, “I’m so excited about the fair!”
Now, on to spreading the word for maximum attendance and fun! Here is a pdf file of a flier anyone can download, print out, and post! It’s four on a page, so they are easy to spread around (cut marks included). Feel free to share the word about this upcoming event You never know who might be interested! JHFquartersheet

Volunteer Positions Now Open!

We have had a number of inquiries about how to volunteer to help make this fair a reality. Truth is, we won’t be able to really pull it off without help! Now we have made it easy for you to join in the fun, and reap the rewards – both material and unseen – of creating something wonderful for your community! Just go to the Volunteer! page on the website and fill in the simple online form (yay, Ker learned how to make online forms!), and Kevin will be in touch with you. Thank you so much in advance!

Joyful Hearts Everywhere

We have been having an amazing time, putting this fair together. People show up to help us out, even when we don’t know we need it. Bobby Wise of Project:Unity has volunteered to take charge of our kids’ activity area (which I didn’t even know we were going to have, but, of course!). He has lots of experience, wonderful ideas for activities, and I have the feeling some of us kids-at-heart may be spending a little time at his booth, making wands and prayer flags and coloring and doing art…

We have finalized the booth layout, and realize we only have EIGHT spaces left to be claimed! So, if you were thinking about having a booth this year, now is the time to jump on it! See the Vendor info page for the registration packet. Call or email with questions.

Also, we spent some time meeting with Elaine at The Trauma Healing Project, sharing ideas on how to make the raffle work best for you all and for them. We think it will be a win-win! Raising money for a great cause and offering valuable, exciting prizes for the raffle participants. Hooray!