Joyfully FREE now!

Great news, folks! We have decided to make the Joyful Heart Psychic & Wellness Fair a FREE event! That’s right, no admission fee! You can waltz in and waltz out as you desire, and use that extra cash to get a reading, a massage, a crystal, or some more raffle tickets! We are so pleased to be able to offer this. We think it will make it easier to come check out the fair and everyone in it. We are lining up great speakers, vendors, readers, and even working on the possibility of yummy food carts! If you feel like contributing some of your own energy, we have volunteer opportunities for all kinds of people. Bring your superpowers to the fair! Contact Kevin or Ker if you want to help out. Or, just show up and bring the superpower of your presence to simply enjoying the event!

Spring is creeping in

Things are moving along for the wonderful Joyful Heart Fair! We are beginning to hear from vendors, and we have been sorting out the booth arrangements and making spread sheets and business cards and all the little behind-the-scenes details that need to happen to bring our vision to life! We have been blessed with the addition of the amazing Ruby Bright Brook and her spreadsheet superpowers, which will help us stay organized and focused. Yay for manifesting and special people who are generous and skilled!

We are so excited, and we think you will really enjoy this fair, whether you are vending, attending, volunteering, presenting, or all of the above… We are still looking for vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and good wishes, so please feel free to connect, sign up, contact us, and participate however you want. This is a community event, and you are the community. With love and excitement, K & K