Share the Fair!


We are FULL! We will be accepting applications for a wait list, and for folks who might want to share booth space, but the fair is now officially sold out, as far as booths go. YAY! It’s amazing to watch this whole thing unfold. Our community rocks, overflowing with wonderful healers and vendors and volunteers. The most common phrase I am hearing these days is, “I’m so excited about the fair!”
Now, on to spreading the word for maximum attendance and fun! Here is a pdf file of a flier anyone can download, print out, and post! It’s four on a page, so they are easy to spread around (cut marks included). Feel free to share the word about this upcoming event You never know who might be interested! JHFquartersheet

Presenters at the Fair

We are getting the speakers and presentations organized for this year’s fair! So many wonderful ideas and people to choose from…it’s been hard to pick, but we will bring you a lovely assortment of free workshops and talks throughout the day, to uplift and inform you and offer you support on your path! Please check the Speakers & Presenters page for the full schedule.

Our first confirmed presenter is  Tracy Engstrom, Melt and Yoga instructor at Oakway Movement, demonstrating the MELT method with balls for hands and feet (and really, whole body health). She will present from 11:30am – 12:15pm. The cool thing is, an entire MELT set (balls, roller, and DVD) has been donated to the raffle by Full Circle Fitness, so you could go home all ready to roll! Tracy has also donated a private MELT/yoga session to the raffle. See how it’s all coming together?

Volunteer Positions Now Open!

We have had a number of inquiries about how to volunteer to help make this fair a reality. Truth is, we won’t be able to really pull it off without help! Now we have made it easy for you to join in the fun, and reap the rewards – both material and unseen – of creating something wonderful for your community! Just go to the Volunteer! page on the website and fill in the simple online form (yay, Ker learned how to make online forms!), and Kevin will be in touch with you. Thank you so much in advance!

Joyful Hearts Everywhere

We have been having an amazing time, putting this fair together. People show up to help us out, even when we don’t know we need it. Bobby Wise of Project:Unity has volunteered to take charge of our kids’ activity area (which I didn’t even know we were going to have, but, of course!). He has lots of experience, wonderful ideas for activities, and I have the feeling some of us kids-at-heart may be spending a little time at his booth, making wands and prayer flags and coloring and doing art…

We have finalized the booth layout, and realize we only have EIGHT spaces left to be claimed! So, if you were thinking about having a booth this year, now is the time to jump on it! See the Vendor info page for the registration packet. Call or email with questions.

Also, we spent some time meeting with Elaine at The Trauma Healing Project, sharing ideas on how to make the raffle work best for you all and for them. We think it will be a win-win! Raising money for a great cause and offering valuable, exciting prizes for the raffle participants. Hooray!

Totes Adorbs

We gots totes! 350 of them! Free to vendors, readers, volunteers, and the first 100 Joyful Heart Fair attendees through the doors!!!! Extras will be available for sale at the fair. Aren’t they cute? And festive? And 100% cotton? Why yes. Yes, they are.

Sturdy enough to hold pounds of chicken scratch out back (speaking from experience), lightweight enough to tuck in a pocket or glovebox for a bit of shopping on the fly.

Come and get ’em, June 4th (and before that, for vendors/readers)!

New Blooms Every Day

We are excited every time we check the PO Box or the email and find more interest and enthusiasm and commitment from lovely folks in the community (which stretches to Portland and Corvallis at the moment!). This was just a heartfelt dream a few months ago, and with people and businesses wanting to sign on as sponsors, raffle donors, vendors/readers, volunteers, and attendees (no, you don’t have to sign up for that!), it is becoming more and more real. This is manifestation, folks!This is the result of having a clear vision and staking something on making it happen (in my case, my credit card balance!).

What really delights me is that the whole vision is coming into being. Not just the idea I had to create this fair, but that everyone I talk to responds with enthusiasm and support. We are co-creating this as a community, and that is the JOYFUL HEART of this endeavor.

I feel particularly blessed to be working with my wonderful core team, Kevin Elbert of Hypnosis By Kevin Elbert, and Joanna Ruby Bright Brook of Ruby Bright Tarot. They are shining stars, steadfast and brilliant at holding the energy and the view, and always follow through and do the work. I couldn’t ask for a better experience to destroy my lifelong belief that I have to do everything myself and that there is no good help to be found. Thanks, team Joyful Heart!


Wow, Unfolding Beautifully!

Well, in the past several days, I have gone from worrying that we won’t have enough vendors/readers to concern we will have to make a waiting list for booth space. Not a bad problem to have, all things considered. We have added several more people to the who’s who in vendor’s page, and I think we are meeting our goal of having a nice mix of services. Even though the early bird discount ends soon (3/31), we will continue taking registrations until we fill up, and we will waitlist anyone who wants.

We have added so many folks – can I list them all here? Alchemical Goddess, The Mandala Lady, Midge Murphy, New Aeon Healing Arts, Teacher of Dreams, T. Michael Healing Arts – I really think you won’t be disappointed if you come seeking a fresh perspective and some healing vibes…

Vendors on board

The registrations are starting to roll in. We are excited to welcome the vendors and readers to the fair! Booth registration is open now, and if you act before March 31st you can grab the Early Bird Special price, a darn good deal, we think! See the Vendor Information registration packet for details.

We have Sara McRae of Zenbrio House in the house (so to speak)! Touch for Health, Holistic Balancing, and more. (Ker says: This woman has changed my life and my relationship with my body. Seriously.)

We have Ruby Bright Tarot offering tarot consultations for positive change. A lovely, wise person with an awesome Instagram feed and mad skillz as our registrar.

Also on board, Crystal Stardust Magical Gemstones and Jewelry! Nice folks, and lovely goodies to adorn you and support you on your path.

Joyfully FREE now!

Great news, folks! We have decided to make the Joyful Heart Psychic & Wellness Fair a FREE event! That’s right, no admission fee! You can waltz in and waltz out as you desire, and use that extra cash to get a reading, a massage, a crystal, or some more raffle tickets! We are so pleased to be able to offer this. We think it will make it easier to come check out the fair and everyone in it. We are lining up great speakers, vendors, readers, and even working on the possibility of yummy food carts! If you feel like contributing some of your own energy, we have volunteer opportunities for all kinds of people. Bring your superpowers to the fair! Contact Kevin or Ker if you want to help out. Or, just show up and bring the superpower of your presence to simply enjoying the event!

Spring is creeping in

Things are moving along for the wonderful Joyful Heart Fair! We are beginning to hear from vendors, and we have been sorting out the booth arrangements and making spread sheets and business cards and all the little behind-the-scenes details that need to happen to bring our vision to life! We have been blessed with the addition of the amazing Ruby Bright Brook and her spreadsheet superpowers, which will help us stay organized and focused. Yay for manifesting and special people who are generous and skilled!

We are so excited, and we think you will really enjoy this fair, whether you are vending, attending, volunteering, presenting, or all of the above… We are still looking for vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and good wishes, so please feel free to connect, sign up, contact us, and participate however you want. This is a community event, and you are the community. With love and excitement, K & K